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Thread: Network traffic analyzer

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    Network traffic analyzer

    Can anyone recommend a freeware network traffic analyzer? I've seen several that can operate in a live environment but I am more interested in one that can (also?) take a Wireshark capture and produce results.

    Much appreciated.

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    I don't know what you are wanting to do. Wireshark is considered a Network Traffic Analyzer. Are you using it properly? Are you look for exploit analysis like metasploit? Maybe I am confused since I stayed up too late last night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by isildur View Post
    Wireshark is considered a Network Traffic Analyzer.
    It's a protocol analyzer.

    If you have the gear that supports NetFlow that would be the way to go.
    Other options are MRTG and Ntop.
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    My apologizes I should have been clearer. I was looking for that graphical representation of the network connections, bandwidth usage, delay, etc. All the info you can find in Wireshark but not in the easy to see, automatically presented to you format. Colasoft was something seen but I haven't check the limitations of the freeware version...

    Many thanks.

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    Ive used EtherApe for this in the past.

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