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Thread: Windows 7 release date : October 22nd, 2009

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    Quote Originally Posted by Negative View Post
    Gore > All I'm saying is that some of your comments made me think that you were comparing apples to oranges; i.e. you were comparing a recent *nix version to a not-so-recent Windows version. This is the post I'm referring to, btw -

    I couldn't care less about what OS you use - if you can make it do what you want it to, I'm all for it. I'd love to be in a situation where I know so much about both of them that I just flip a coin and go with whatever option I'm dealt...

    I guess I decided to go with Windows... I can't even keep up with all the basics pertaining to Windows, let alone Windows AND *Nix.. I have nothing but admiration for folks who do everything and anything across platform... I can't do that, though, so I picked something... Turned out to be .Net... and in doing so, I got to compare some platforms... I won't compare them in this thread, though
    Ahhh, I was wondering when you were going to realize I wasn't. I was really just asking about future versions and if they were going to stay with NT style, or, maybe move to something totally different...And had I remembered, would have asked about WinFS, which is one of the more interesting things.

    Also, Powershell would be nice as a default, I'm not sure if it is though. I just downloaded it because it works great and has basically a built in Bash shell style... I'm not sure what to call it because it's a lot like a Bash Shell and made killing processes easy, and listing them and... If you don't have it already get it, it's nice.

    And being in the situation where you're able to use multiple OSs without any problem at all, isn't all it's cracked up to be. You give up nice portions of a social life for a year at least before you get here lol. (That's why I take breaks and catch up afterwards). One thing I'd like to see that I can do on BSD and Linux is screwing with the Windows Kernel to customize it. Unloading drivers you aren't going to use and freeing up RAM because you unload those drivers too and taking out crap you don't want does speed things up a bit. But that's becoming less of an issue with the current prices on RAM and the amount of it you can use with any given OS now.

    But yea, most of my machines dual boot Windows and either Linux or BSD because I can use all three just fine as a Desktop, or server, or, with my laptop, I use that mainly to make music, do some email and web browsing, and screw around with new stuff I'm testing out.

    I also still have a copy of BeOS Pro here on CD. I bought it years ago when they actually still existed. I can use that too. OSs are one of the things that made more sense to me. I can't code Assembler or anything like that or very much in C++, but I can do Web Development, Perl, Batch stuff, Shell scripts, and generally have no issues with that between Windows, Linux (both SysV and BSD style Init) and FreeBSD and Solaris, and then do the same for BeOS. I memorized that though.

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    No... I'm not talking about the "my machines run this" kinda stuff... I'm talking about running systems... and systems that are being run by other systems.

    I'm not talking about home-and-garden stuff...I think you know that, yet your last three paragraphs again are about how great you are...

    If you'd be prevented from talking about yourself, Antionline would be quiet...

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    For those who want to save some money :

    Don't forget to check if your machine has minimum requirement's :

    I'm searching for this but does anyone know if an OEM will be eligable for an upgrade or will it be full purchase ? I got my laptop with both XP and VISTA (business)..? It should not be eligable but i'm hoping for it ..
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    You might also try this:

    to check applications compatibility

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