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Thread: Using ISA server to track web access

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    Using ISA server to track web access

    We have been trying to get management to get us an Ironport web filter appliance, and they have kicked back that we need to try ISA server first.

    Question is, is there a way to have ISA server to require a secondary login rather than just grabbing the credentials off the PC? We have a SSO biometric fingerprint reading system called Impravata, which uses kiosk mode logins. In other words, the user doesn't actually log into the PC, the PC is automatically logged in as kiosk, and the user uses the fingerprint scanner to log in as themselves into Impravata. If we use ISA server, and it just grabs the username logged into the computer it will return kiosk for everything, as this is the username used to log in.

    Anyone got any thoughts on how to get around this?

    Thanks in advance for your time!

    Jay Lytle

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    I am not familar with Impravata, but if it uses LDAP, you can config ISA to use LDAP in a non-domain env. google ISA LDAP

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    Have you contacted Impravata for support?

    Maybe they'll bill you enough to convince mgm't to switch.

    Just a thought.
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