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hi! i want to make my career in networking and network security and to be a professional.suggest me what should i do and what should i start for this networking and network security studies?which is the best institute and how much it cost?duration of the course?what is the career in this ..???
The best institute is your room with a work desk. You can get a table from Ikea really cheap. Load as many computers as you can afford on it and that is what it costs + connection to the net and maybe books. Most IT schools are a joke. Actually most college IT programs are too. No matter if you can teach the class and the teacher new things they want you to pass stupid classes that have nothing to do with computing before they hand you a piece of paper saying you can do this without drooling on yourself long enough to do a test.

Self taught is generally more of what they want anyway. Unless you're going for someone like Best Buy or some Computer store. But if you want an actual IT Security job, just work at home. It takes a while, and you don't have a teacher, but you do know more.

I started college and got into Networking as a Major. When I got there, the "star student" was a guy who could tell you everything in the book, front to back. The problem was that I sat down with the book and a guy who showed up after me, who was a Systems Programmer, for like 20 years (Writing code for processors on Unix) and we went over the book high lighting errors. I gave the book back with the text that was wrong in the book, and the other guy and I both said there was a problem. COLLEGE LEVEL NETWORKING BOOKS WERE WRONG! I don't mean typos, I mean, flat out wrong.

The Professor re-designed the course to use the books less and warned everyone. He hadn't seen these particular books before so it wasn't his fault, but he didn't have time to check them either before classes started. Obviously he was greatful.