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Thread: Career in Networking & Network Security

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    Quote Originally Posted by syed waseem View Post
    hi! i want to make my career in networking and network security and to be a professional.suggest me what should i do and what should i start for this networking and network security studies?which is the best institute and how much it cost?duration of the course?what is the career in this ..???
    The best institute is your room with a work desk. You can get a table from Ikea really cheap. Load as many computers as you can afford on it and that is what it costs + connection to the net and maybe books. Most IT schools are a joke. Actually most college IT programs are too. No matter if you can teach the class and the teacher new things they want you to pass stupid classes that have nothing to do with computing before they hand you a piece of paper saying you can do this without drooling on yourself long enough to do a test.

    Self taught is generally more of what they want anyway. Unless you're going for someone like Best Buy or some Computer store. But if you want an actual IT Security job, just work at home. It takes a while, and you don't have a teacher, but you do know more.

    I started college and got into Networking as a Major. When I got there, the "star student" was a guy who could tell you everything in the book, front to back. The problem was that I sat down with the book and a guy who showed up after me, who was a Systems Programmer, for like 20 years (Writing code for processors on Unix) and we went over the book high lighting errors. I gave the book back with the text that was wrong in the book, and the other guy and I both said there was a problem. COLLEGE LEVEL NETWORKING BOOKS WERE WRONG! I don't mean typos, I mean, flat out wrong.

    The Professor re-designed the course to use the books less and warned everyone. He hadn't seen these particular books before so it wasn't his fault, but he didn't have time to check them either before classes started. Obviously he was greatful.

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    LOL Seems Gore really did go to college.

    My help desk girls dropped my business card at the University of Phoenix booth during a company sponsored job fair. (Really Funny LADIES!)

    So even though the title says Systems Administrator MCSE, CCNA, CCNA Security, the relentless sales guys kept calling me. Eventually they pissed off the bastard, i.e., ME and I made an appointment. There is a local school about 6 mile from where I work.

    After discussing my formal education and the amount of time I have been out of school it was decided that I needed to take intro classes.

    After reading the syllabus for Intro to computing (Computer Science type class), Introduction to Database Design and Introduction to Networking. I discovered that I would learn how to set up a token ring network and that relational databases weren't discussed until year 4. WTF?

    Plus it was like $600 per credit hour?

    I sat in on a presentation on networking, these guys were reading straight out of the Cisco intro to networking books. Remember Flintstone, inc?

    I met an instructor for the Intro to DB design. Kid was no more than 30 and a recent graduate of the school.

    I kindly excused myself and decided to send the $70,000+ it would have cost to get a "IT Degree" from the University of the Galacticly Stupid to this nice Nigerian woman who is trying to get her husbands money out of the country...

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    Go? The password policy in use there was written by me. And who got called when the sys admin forgot to put the password down for a Windows 2000 Server and the teacher needed it changed so they could use it? (Yea that really did happen.... I know the system admin, he was in a few of my classes, my A trumped his C on the final).

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