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Thread: Career in Networking & Network Security

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    Career in Networking & Network Security

    Hii i want to make career in network security i m new in this field could you plz help what shuld i do

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    Networking Career

    Just get a CCNA qualification and then you can get a foot in the door to the networking world. Be prepared for a lot of boredom with that job though.

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    First thing you need to focus on is your computer certifications... getting a degree is nice but in my experiene certifications prove you actually know what your doing.. I work with a lot of people that have computer science degrees... and they know somethings... but I would expect them to know more

    get some certs... A+, Net+, a few microsoft certs, a unix cert, and a few cisco certs will all help..

    A degree does help aswell... so start with a bachelors in CIS, computer information systems..

    Second... start looking for work.. your going to need a background in technology to be trusted with a network... you can outsource many jobs to india, but someone has to be on our soil running the networks at home... so that is making it a harder field to get into being you have to know your stuff to compete.

    Find a job at a business doing pc repair, get in with geeksquad, find an internship... ,
    I frequently get temp job offers from these 2 sites for tech work... some as simple as just swapping out computers 4pm-2am at an office building.. some more complex like doing phone tech support... it all works as reference and work experience.
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    Get networking knowledge (you may / may not want to do cert for it, if you have the cash than do it)

    Then I would suggest SSCP (or go through the book for it) > CISSP > CISA > CISM

    Then focus on GIAC certs (

    Most valuable certs are CISSP and CISM ..

    Since you're from India a word of advise, security isn't in yet so don't get bogged down if you don’t see immediate result..

    Btw, although i don't like the cert at all if you just want to start making money in India then CEH is IN ! I don't know why but companies are crazy about CEH cert here..

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    I am a 4th year Network Security and Systems Administration major and I have found the following to be pretty useful:

    Cisco's Packet Tracer is awesome for simulating and virtualizing network connections and network devices. It also helps one get pretty familiar with Cisco's IOS.

    I also have found VMware Workstation with the Virtual Network configuration options on top of Virtual Teams (logical groups of VMs) to be pretty useful with setting up virtualized operating systems with different network abilities. Virtual Network Adapters can be created in almost limitless quantities for each Virtual Machine, and custom configurations (bridged,nat,host only,...) can be configured for an adapter connected on Virtual LAN Segments. All of this makes it pretty easy to build a real network in a virtualized environment. Another tool which is pretty useful in a VMWare network is the FreeSCO (single floppy router) which can easily be installed as a Virtual Machine. In many cases I use this VM to route between two subnets or lan segments and it normally has an additional NAT'd adapter which I configure as the router's default gateway. This in turn allows for the entire virtual network to get access to the network (internet) that your host machine is connected to, but confines it to a single entry point on this router.

    I hope this all makes sense, I'm not the best about getting my ideas and suggestions out of my head and into forum posts.

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    Hii Pawan
    if you are new in this field I would suggest you to do first A+ certification and then MCSE CCNA & CCNP certifications if you really want to make career in this field and for Network security you can go for CEH v6 certification by EC-Council.
    I have recently completed my
    all basic hardware, MCSE , CCNA & CCNP from Jodo Institute. It is located
    at Okhla, Delhi. I tell u these people are really professional and have
    trained me and my batch mates for real industry scenerios & experience.
    Please visit the link for more information

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    Wow , you guys have alot of time on your hands.

    Takes me like 6 months to write 1 M$ exam o_0
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    Thanks jack
    as per your information i went to Jodo institute and i took admission in MCSE , I liked their infrastructure , and trainer are really professional after completing my MCSE i'll join CCNA course from thier

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    hi! i want to make my career in networking and network security and to be a professional.suggest me what should i do and what should i start for this networking and network security studies?which is the best institute and how much it cost?duration of the course?what is the career in this ..???

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