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Thread: sending an amount of email

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    sending an amount of email


    I have a list of about 2000 email and i am looking for a way to sent them with a bulk email software. I have a dynamic ip from my isp and for now i use the bat software. when i try to sent the software stops and reports that i am blacklisted in spamhaus.

    IN the past i had a static ip and i was using smtp private software and i was able to sent without problems..

    Do you have a good guideline so i could sent the emails without most of them to return back to me?

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    You might try this:

    My ISP gets blacklisted from time to time, and it is the largest one in my country.

    Spamhause is not blacklisting you personally; just your provider............time to change?

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    What I would do is upload a mailing list script to one of these free web hosts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The-Spec View Post
    What I would do is upload a mailing list script to one of these free web hosts.
    I think spammers have taken advantage of free webhosts already and made most of them blacklisted


    If you are still interested in sending your mails i can setup a mailer on one of my servers and let you send them to guarantee inbox, pm me if you need it
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