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Thread: help windows xp

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    help windows xp

    hello fellow members of AO. Been a while since I last posted. Anyways, I have a customers computer which is a Dell OPTIPLEX GX520 series. Running Windows xp with SP2. System has 512mb of ram. Hard drive space has over 75% free space. However, when I load into windows normally it takes me to the desktop, then within 5 seonds it brings up the B.S.O.D (Blue screen of death) then this message is displayed Page (Fault_in_nonpaged Area) (oooooA37) & (0X00000050), then it says check to see if you have the adequate disk space. From safe mode is the only option I'm able to use to log into the desktop. I have tried safe mode with networking but am not able to durf the net (I was earler though in safe mode) anyways, what has caused this issue? Also, how can I resolve the customers issue?

    Things I tried, made sure OS was up-to-date. Ran full anti virus scan using AVG in safe mode. Ran Hijack this, and got rid of all nasty things. I have pictures, music and videos that the customers can not loose but wants me to delete everything else. The only way I can get this computer to work is in safe mode, which is unacceptable for the customer. All help is greatly appreciated.

    PS also my jump drive is not being detected by the dell while in safe mode. need help asap?

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    Bad driver loading....

    Up to date XP = SP3 + + not SP2

    USB does not load in safemode

    Remove all drivers and make sure you have the latest versions from Dell

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    Few thing's you can try :

    Re-scan with some other AV. I don't trust AVG a lot. I think you can download trial of symantec or some other av and it's update files too

    Run chkdsk /r

    Try using Fixmbr comman in recovery console
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    Maybe hook the drive up to another PC as a "Slave" and transfer the important stuff over. then try doing a Repair Install.

    Here is a very easy walk through on how to do it.

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    Sometimes it helps to get down & dirty with these Optiplex machines. I have a GX620 that's BSOD'ing once a week. The best tools I've used are the Windows Debugging Tools.
    (You'll probably have to download the Symbols package and configure the debugger to look wherever it is you downloaded the symbols to). If you don't ,your output will be all fudged up.

    This debugger will tell you what's most likely causing the BSOD. Basically, install this program. Install the symbols. Grab your minidumps from (c:\Windows\Minidump) and look for
    Probably caused by :
    towards the bottom of your output.

    Then pray it doesn't point to ntoskrnl.exe. Like mine does. That's a more general error and requires further investigating.
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    Well now, service pack 2 seems to do the job just fine. Why fix something thats not broke? However, I do agree that it is probably a driver conflict. Has the customer installed any new hardware lately?

    I do agree with mr teab4g there, as that is a very foolproof course of action to take. Usually, that is a last resort because you never really get around to figure out what caused the problem. Although it seems that what you are asking for is a quick fix, so I'd go with the latter.

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    Did you try to start in diagnostic startup? Start --> Run --> msconfig. Choose diagnostic startup and see if you can boot the computer. If so, the problem may be with third party software and not device drivers.

    If the problem just started, check out system restore and see what's been installed lately. A new device of some sort? Otherwise, download the latest drivers for the components from dell and other manufacturers. Burn them to a CD if you can't use your flash drive. Then start updating the drivers. I prefer to uninstall the device/driver and install rather than just update the driver. Don't forget the update the BIOS if needed.

    @ShagDevil: A repair install or sfc didn't fix that problem?
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    Hi there CN22, long time no see.............hope you are keeping well

    Apart from the advice given above, there is one thing I would like you to try:

    Swap out the RAM for a known good stick or at least run either the Microsoft Memory Test or MemTest86.

    0x00000A37 is a very unusual stop error code in my experience, so I think that it might be a fundamental problem that you have. 512Mb is not a lot of RAM, and you can be sure that XP in normal mode will be using pretty much all of it within a few seconds of loading. That could be when it hits the bad areas and crashes.

    The only other thing I think might vaguely be responsible is a corrupt user profile. I have known those produce some very strange error messages

    Try creating a new one and see if that produces the same errors.


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    A repair install or sfc didn't fix that problem?
    Unfortunately, No. In fact, I think this computer might be a lemon. We have another GX620 that's performing fine with the exact same setup. Initially, BSOD's were being caused by a video card. Installed a new video card and started getting BSOD's with new error codes.

    This current BSOD is being caused by a INVALID_WORK_QUEUE_ITEM related to ntoskrnl.exe. I've ran SFC, Dell Crash Analysis Tool, Dell Driver Reset Tool, Updated all the drivers from Dell, MemTest86 to name a few.

    I've opened up the box, cleaned out everything, made sure all the cards were seated correctly, blah blah blah. I still think it may be video driver related but, I've uninstalled and re-installed the video drivers more than once.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nihil View Post
    ... 512Mb is not a lot of RAM, and you can be sure that XP in normal mode will be using pretty much all of it within a few seconds of loading.
    Sorry to jump in - I have an old laptop, designed for Windows 98, which has 128MB RAM and it's running XP Pro SP3 quite happily! Granted, it's only in a test domain that I've set up at home. I'm amazed just how well (and quickly) it runs.

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