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Thread: WBS chat

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    WBS chat

    Does anyone remember WBS chat from the early nineties?

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    Here's a quick rundown on what WBS actually was, for those that have absolute no clue what the OP is actually talking about.

    WebChat Broadcasting System (or WBS for short) was a virtual community that existed during the 1990s. Supported by online advertising, it was one of few services like it at the time to offer free integrated community services including chat, homesteading, messaging, and user profiles. It was one of the most popular websites in the era before the Dot-com bust. WBS was at one time the largest interactive and event network on the Internet.[1] In 1998 it was acquired by the search engine Infoseek, which was in turn acquired by Disney/ABC. The WebChat Broadcasting System ceased to exist after its chatrooms were integrated into Disney's existing Go Network chatrooms.

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