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    I have some PHP coded files in my filemanager and i have no clue how do add them to my website... Can anyone help me out with this?? And sorry if i posted this in the wrong fourms...
    Jason Craig

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    On a PHP-enabled server, running PHP files is just a matter of putting them on the server and accessing them, so your job is to put the PHP files on your server - usually, you'll use FTP to do that...

    Do you have FTP access to the server? Who's hosting the site?

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    All the files are on the server in the file manager... Idk much about coding or servers that is why i am asking for some help... I do see a FTP Acount access in the cpannel.. Al the files are in Public_HTML Part of the file manager... I cant see to get any of the files to load to the website though...
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    Jason Craig

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    One up from that should be a directory with the name of your domain. Place it there instead.

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