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Thread: Win2003 server Sp2 + Raid 10

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    Win2003 server Sp2 + Raid 10

    Hello, i was setting up, a database server, and im using RAID10.
    I have installed the windows server, and all applications that i needed, installed the Service Pack 2, and after the installation i rebooted, but the windows doesn't load, it just stays stocked on the Windows 2003 server windows (the one with the bar).
    I can't boot in Safe Mode, Last working configuration, nothing.

    Did you guys had this kind of problem before?

    It's a HP Proliant ML350 G4 with 6 HD (72.8 SCSI)


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    You could start from scratch, but I'd use a boot disc to scan the hard drive first just to verify you're not trying to install on faulty hardware, otherwise you'll run into the same problem *after* quite a bit of effort.

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    When i first build the RAID 10, i also verified the Drives. The status for the raid is OPTIMAL.
    I guess if i had a faulty hard drive, he would say degradated

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