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Thread: SMB 0-day - Windows Vista / 2008 / 7

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    SMB 0-day - Windows Vista / 2008 / 7

    From ISC:

    We have received a report from Tyler that a vulnerability affecting Microsoft SMB2 can be remotely crashed with proof-of-concept code that has been published yesterday and a Metasploit module is out.

    We have confirmed it affects Windows 7/Vista/Server 2008. The exploit needs no authentication, only file sharing enabled with one 1 packet to create a BSOD. We recommend filtering access to port TCP 445 with a firewall.
    and interestingly,

    Windows 2000/XP are NOT affected by this exploit.

    I haven't put ** ** for greater attention required, since SMB (445) should be filtered on the firewall.
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    Awwww, you mentioned my name Although I like it better when they mention my last name as well.

    Windows 7 RTM isn't actually affected, only Windows 7 RC is affected.

    Also it looks like it's now being called remote code execution rather than just DoS.
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    Personally, I don't want my name on anything with the exceptions of what little assets and finacials I have. I would rather be a Max Headroom like figure on everyone's screens.

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    Remote code execution PoC has been released on metasploit
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