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Thread: PC Tools Firewall vs Comodo - Win7

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    I too use Comodo firewall which is really awesome, I highly recommend that product..
    Fast and hassle-free online experience
    Blocks all Internet attacks
    Monitors in/out connections
    Manages traffic on your PC
    Secures all connections when you are online

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    I've been very satisfied with PC Tools Personal Firewall. Not bloated with running processes or NT services like many other firewalls. Sheer simplicity and it updates itself. Remember to turn off Windows firewall when using another firewall, unless Windows firewall is forced off when installing or running your preferred program.

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    Guys really, please check how old the thread is before you post here.
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    Quite right too Cider my friend,

    My "botmatic detector" is just about registering full scale deflection but i cannot be certain, and there has been no major infringement to prompt me to take action.

    Best I can do is close it as it is well past its sell by date.

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