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Thread: Chrome buries Windows rivals in browser drag race.

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    Chrome is my browser of choice now actually. I used to be a firefox buff, but so far I've found Chrome to indeed be the fastest launching browser on my machine. The downside is you don't have the nice bells-and-whistles of Firefox in terms of add-ons, but for those of us who just want a bare bones browser, it does the job nicely.

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    I'm a "Browser Bitch" basically... I know what I like, and what I don't like, and use this:

    Windows -


    That was quick...

    Linux -


    Galeon when possible



    If I need to find something quick and I know exactly what I'm looking for and don't need graphics, I switch to a VT and use these:


    They don't use a GUI and are text based so no graphics, no slow downs waiting on images, nothing.

    On FreeBSD I use the same browsers I do on Linux.

    I still miss Netscape. The REAL Netscape. It was decently fast on my boxes with version 4.X - Version 9 which I still have because I like it.

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    What about security? Werent there some open security issues a while back with google chrome?

    The only thing that ever kept me from even downloading chrome was the fact that someone told me its a security hazard to use chrome. Or am i that much behind with updates to that matter?

    So far opera suits all my needs for my everday browsing.


    Im currently testing midori, a super lightweight browser, and so far it looks pretty cool to me. Anyone else tried it?
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    I don't know much about this, but I would imagine that Midori has pretty much the same security issues as Chrome (not that I'm saying that Chrome is any less secure that other browsers) since they both use the WebKit engine.


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