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Thread: Web hosting solutions

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    Web hosting solutions

    Hi All,

    I am looking a hosting solution which can handle my email and web hosting, with nice interface and competitive prices. Which companies you recommend.

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    I typically use GoDaddy. They seem reasonable, and their customer support is awesome.

    My brother uses HostMonster, and seems to like them pretty well. I have used Network Solutions in the past, and didn't have any bad experiences. It seemed like GoDaddy had better deals when I registered the last couple of domains.
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    How much traffic do you expect and is it a database driven site?

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    567 is what we use at my company and what I plan on using when I do some of my projects. I like the tools and interface that they give you.

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    Sorry its my first time, I hit post quickly. Anyways, they are competitive, I guess it will depend on exactly how much you want to spend but I think they would be worth talking to.

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    I just use xampp for a quick 'n easy install then register a domain myself for next to nothing.

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    Go daddy is a good one good luck with it.

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