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    web page help

    Hey whats up guys I'm just going to say thins right off the bat i couldn't design any thing that even looked remotely pretty even if my life depended on and that's y I am asking. I'm trying to open up a online store that will be supplied by a drop shipper and wanted to know if any one knew of any good web design company that i could use to have them design my site.

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    Check out they are a web host and have template solutions for us graphically challenged folk.

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    If you are starting a new business then having a website is useless (even for exclusively online stores) if nobody knows it exists.

    Some business-friendly advise would be to focus more on marketing and promotion than design. Marketing can be expensive, but doing up your own very simple website with a GUI HTML editor can help save costs enabling you to spend more on promotion and drumming up business.

    or may have some use
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    I agree with fourdc -- go to -- very inexpensive and they have the ability to make your sight "pretty" with just picking out color schemes and pictures. I go through with them for my husbands band sight, and I have their basic package if you want to see the layout I use for them. it's a shamless plug! But in all seriousness I went with one and one, and I pay about 40 a year...have 600 emails, tons of space, and their customer support is actually helpful!
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