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Thread: Help!!!--ASP Menus not working in VM servers

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    Unhappy Help!!!--ASP Menus not working in VM servers

    I have developed a web apps in NET 3.5 and when i try to install it on a VM server, the ASP menus which i have used is not working. Though when i installed in my desktop (not a VM server) then its working fine. Is there any settting required that need to be changed in the VM servers. What can be the root cause?? Any help is appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Perhaps it is an OS compatability issue?

    Please try and replicate the issue using the same OS as the VM on a physical workstation, and then also try running the app on a VM OS that is the same as your desktop.

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    Additionally, you could use Converter to turn your desktop into a VM and see if it works there. It sounds like there is something missing from the VM that you have on the physical desktop.
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