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Thread: Blue and Black Color folders name???

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    Blue and Black Color folders name???

    HI AO's

    In the middle i had a issue with my hard disk it said that your hard disk have been corrupt press crlt alt delete to restart

    and after dooing it the same error showed up again and again

    BUT this got solved by restarting it in safe mode and doing chkdsk in command line

    later on a marked that some of my folders are showing in blue color text (its attached with this post)

    now i am runnins kaspersky internet security 2009
    spy bot
    spy drestroyer with me currently with me

    with operating system windows XP

    secondly i have a music video folder with me which i try to open and as soon as i get there it gives a send and dont send error of windows and as i say dont send the explorer restarts

    i am not able to understand what does this blue color text folder means

    can you please help me with this

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    It is possible that they are compressed folders.

    I found this on another site:

    Go to Folder Options, View, scroll down to "Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color" - uncheck it if you want them black.
    As far as I know, compressed folders show blue, encrypted folders usually have green text.
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    thx alot Westin

    it was really help full

    but still the issue of windows error (send & dont send) is still there

    as its coming up only in MUSIC VIDEO folder only whenever i open it the error comes and when i command dont send the explorer restarts
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    Question is "Why are you Off line"

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    Open an MS-DOS prompt and change to that directory and see if it says anything. This takes explorer out of the equation and also, command lines actually give output that isn't some idiotic pop up Microsoft thought would be nice for people who aren't trying to understand why something doesn't work

    If it does say something in DOS, make sure to paste it here, or type out exactly what it says.

    There's a chance the file system was corrupted, and from the sounds of it, it's not the disk since you said nothing else gives the error, but check just to be sure in DOS.

    You might also try repairing the file system in DOS.

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    OR you could simply go to Control panel - Administrative tools - Event viewer

    And see what the fault code is related to the failure and post that.

    Westin had the bulk of info on what is happening on folders..

    With the corrupted disk message: take that seriously.. restarting the machine will never fix that..

    I use a tool called HDD regenerator to scan disks and repair (usage encouraged) bad sectors (read the guff for hddregen). I use a live CD OS for this. NB: larger the drive the longer this will take and the more sectors faulty.. in your case it is likely less than 5. and in the first 20% of the hdd expect a few hours.. the time is worth it
    Followup with opening the Command Prompt and running CHKDSK /f
    restart and see what errors you get now
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