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Thread: Funny Peculiar Funny Ha Ha

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    Funny Peculiar Funny Ha Ha

    This forum has been a bit quiet of late so I thought I would open a new thread in response to a member's comments.

    The idea is that this is a place where you can just post links to amusing or intriguing stuff that you come across.

    Naturally, the thread is visible to juveniles so please be adult about it?

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    juveniles? .... right

    Obama Sneaking A Peek At 16 Yr Old Girl. Obama has good taste


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    Obama Sneaking A Peek At 16 Yr Old Girl. Video posted 07/10/09. How does it feel to be watched?

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    Matrix and Plato's cave. Who's directing ur life...people are like batteries in todays society.

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    hi-tech feature
    *Auto-Tune the News #6: Michael Jackson. drugs. Palin. Posted 7-11-2009 Utube

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    Security Breach?
    This is call 4713. There are 12 users.

    Lobby> Jump to forum name/number? -> Check
    [Check Out This Site] 150 messages, 4 new

    Check Out This Site> Read Reverse

    Jul 11, 2009 00:15 from Humble One
    Work safe, no audio... it's a Federal announcement for cying out loud!
    [Check Out This Site> msg #28954 (0 remaining)] Read cmd -> P

    User to profile? (Humble One) ->

    Humble One
    Hurst, Texas 76053
    Last on: 7/11/2009 0:13 until 0:16

    Ever wonder how much the whole "diversity" thing seems more like "divide and

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    How to brainwash people..... Informational Influence

    How can 2 billion believers all be wrong? Simple. The more believers there are, the more efficiently they generate more believers. Posted 7/10/09

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    Dazed Giant Squid Wash Up On California Beach After Earthquake - endtimes? 07/12/09

    f u 4 delete

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    Oh no...not u 2. Warner Music Group Deletes Keyboard Cat Track from YouTube -- Whatever

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