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Thread: keylogger problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by ua549 View Post
    You mean like this one? It is always ignored, but legally it is very effective.
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    The bit in white ink?

    management may provide the evidence of such monitoring to law enforcement officials. After having made several copies for themselves and their perverted friends?

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    I'm not a Lawyer or anything, so don't take this as free legal advice, however, something I did want to point out, is that here in the US, we don't have any language laws. I'm almost certain that there is some way you could use that to your advantage as well.

    Now, in Canada, they have an actual law for Language, as they have two Languages that are "official" and so signs and laws have to be in English, and French. Granted you don't see a whole lot of French outside of Quebec, some parts of New Brunswick, and the Ontario Border towns, but it has to be there in some way.

    In America, we don't have an actual Language that's set in any legal manner. That's why when you have to go to the DMV or whatever, you can in theory force them to give you the test, in ANY language you want, because we as a country, have literally NOTHING saying you have to learn English. I know of some Mexican people who've stated that they took tests and other docs they have to fill out in Spanish, and I know that I've personally seen things in Russian, Spanish, German, French, and a bunch of other languages.

    So putting up a sign in another language the person doesn't speak, might be something you could "toy with" but, again, it may very well be BS. Anyway, it's just another angle I thought of.

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    The item I posted stood up in court on more than one occasion for a company I consulted at. IMO if the system that is being accessed is English only, one can argue that the user understands English.

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