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Thread: windows PE and bootable enviornments

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    windows PE and bootable enviornments

    hey all

    been a while since I have posted on here, but I got fried from geeksquad for conflict of interest.. funny story.. il explain later.. but anyway..

    now im starting my own business.. and I am contacting some software mfg's like kaspersky and webroot to get there software on my own custom bootable enviornment for OS repairs

    what I need to know..

    how can I load custom apps into my bootable enviornments.. I was playing with bartsPE builder and it looks like you can add similar features through plugins.. but I want to pick my software.

    its been awhile but I think before I played with software that did exactly what I wanted it to do.. but I dont remember what its called..

    so.. my questions are..

    what software is there besides bartspe builder to create bootable win enviornments.

    and how can I load custom apps into bartpe or other software
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    nlite lets you strip down win .iso and let's u add stuff to the .iso.

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    This may help

    and this

    and do make life a bit easier, you will need this as per some of the tutorials (Windows Automated Installation Kit - AIK)
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