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Thread: Stuff the USA, RIAA & MPAA

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    Stuff the USA, RIAA & MPAA

    The USA is not the World................

    The EU is not going for the MPAA/RIAA bribery and corruption lobby...........

    This could be interesting, as all the vested interests try to meet the politicos they haven't been able to buy?.........not that I am cynical or anything?


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    As far as I am concerned, the RIAA and MPAA can go to a place that is very very hot, and may or may not have a lake of fire.

    Anyone remember the old CampChaos videos? NAPSTER BAAAAAD!

    I am really sorry that the record execs have to settle for the gold plated Ferrari's instead of being able to afford the solid gold ones. Brings a tear to my eye. Or not, as it were.
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    The USA is not the World
    Actually most Americans would rather want other countrys to start solving their own problems instead of hiring out our military as mercenarys like they did in the mid 90's.

    And at the same time we have surrounding countrys looking to overthrow their current leaders and force ours to give them statehood here. Partys in Puerto Rico, Peru, and Cuba keep vouching to become the next Hawaii.

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    Entertainment should be free. I'm all for bread and circus.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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