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Thread: An important choice to make: your browser

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    An important choice to make: your browser

    If you are in Europe, you are going to see this if you install the latest updates:

    The problem is it looks like a shoddy malware app.

    It puts an icon on your desktop, and pops up every time you reboot unless you make the choice.

    Wary users may well be contacting helpdesks to report a problem.

    It can be removed:

    but this does cause another popup on next re-boot, which if you tick to not show the message again the problem goes away.

    Apparently it only pops up if IE is your default browser.


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    Yeah, when any other company does that, it's malware. When ms does it, "it's a new feature".

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    The governmental types in England slap alot of American buisnesses with monopoly suits because our products are to good. So what they're doing with this is not only jumping through the legal hoops but pulling off an elaborate prank in the process.

    Whether with or agianst them as a company, its good to get people riled up about this.

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    The governmental types in England slap alot of American buisnesses with monopoly suits
    Actually mate, it is the EU rather than UK/England....... we don't really care (because it is all in English )

    Anyways........we had monopolies long before you........many of them state owned?

    Personally, I don't have a problem with MS over this

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    Are they giving the option to use something other than IE?
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    Perhaps the EU should have a popup, in all member countries,
    that strongarms people into selecting an alternative OS.
    I could almost support that.
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    Go to Germany. SuSE is very well used there As is Unix.

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