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Thread: Google Chrome Virus!!! :eek:

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    Google Chrome Virus!!! :eek:

    Yeah, but probably not...

    In keeping with Nihil's One Interesting Post a Day for 28 Days Challenge (yeah - I'm a little behind - ) I thought I'd share something...

    This morning I got an email from a good friend of mine making some strange claims...
    I found some issues with the Google Chrome. I got a really bad virus that i couldn't resolve (Well i just got mad and just wanted to kill it lol) and i was out of a computer for about a week. Thankfully this time around i looked at the problem and resolved it fast this time around. I do agree Google Chrome is faster than the other browser but its having issuse. (Well at least for me, i never had an issues before) My sister using it without issues but for someone that works on computer to be having issues its kinda strange. If you do decide on using this broswer and you get a window saying that your computer is infected dont beleive it just close the window using task manger by way of ctrl alt delete these kinda attack need you to click the button to download to your computer. I am going to work on a resolution for people that failed to do this just in case.
    to which I replied


    There isn't anything wrong with Google Chrome... lmao... were you drunk when you wrote this?

    I use it occasionally, and I've never had any sort of window pop up and tell me anything. It's likely that you either (a) have a new infection or (b) still have some remnants of an old infection lingering around that re-route ads that appear on webpages to malicious ones (i.e. virus found pop-up).

    Either way, you should never click on any pop-up on any webpage that tells you that your computer is infected...

    My advice would be:

    Uninstall Chrome.

    Boot into safe mode, run Malwarebyte's Antimalware, Spybot S&D, Lavasoft Adaware and even Windows Defender. Make sure all are updated.

    Then I would run CCleaner and clean up the registry.

    Then check msconfig and disable all startup processes and services you do not need.

    Then run HijackThis! and check the log carefully to be sure all the madness is gone.

    Finally, I would download and fully update an AV such as AVG Free and run it in safe mode. Might even run over to TrendMicro Housecall afterwards.

    After all that is completed, then reinstall Chrome and see if the problem persists. It won't.

    Anyone else heard of this nonsense? After a Google search, I've found many similar claims in different forums - mostly from people who had downloaded Chrome from a link on YouTube - no doubt a little something special was bundled in with that one...
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    Usually when I see pages like that, they are trying to get you to install scareware, such as AV2010 etc. I actually had one pop up on my iPod, which is funny, because it shows Windows reporting a bunch of infections. I will see if I still have the screenshots, and upload them.

    Edit: Found them
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Bytewrangler has been sending out properganda e-mails again has he.

    For as long as there have been browsers there have been these types of e-mails, usually loyal fanboys to make there favourite browser seem better.

    I take it that your friend is not very tech savvy and happily clicks OK on anything that appears on he's screen.

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    I've come across a few of those quite often whilst using chrome.....yea I'll stick to Opera for speed

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    Since that garbage is coming from the ad servers, uBlock will block them nicely.

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