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Thread: Anyone seen this?

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    Anyone seen this?

    Just wondering if anyone had seen this before?

    From Karen / Important Information

    There is an urgent plot to eliminate/assassinate you,the company President/ Ceo . I have captured on tape the Hidden conspiracy .There are several discussion raised on the tapes, relating to Marketing deal and Roles conflict .At moment Stay away from meeting and opposition parties.Don't share this information with anyone,until I release the tapes to you,to track down those involved. Nobody will believe you except you have the tapes .Upon confirmation of this mail I will send you the tapes.Have me contacted on this Email:


    Karen Glenn,
    Foreign secret information Service
    BBC World news

    My searches have turned up very little.


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    Go to the meeting and let us know how it goes.

    I recieved this phishing e-mail this morning, let's see if everyone straight away spots the sussness in this phish.

    I don't even play that rubbish..

    edit i decoded the url and it takes those silly enough to click the url to here
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    Hey DjM,

    "Tapes" huh?

    Many thanks for this post, you have just given me a lead as to some mug who might buy my hundreds of 3.5" floppies...............hell I will even throw in some 5.25" ones as a make weight in the deal!

    Errrrrrr, thinking on it, I might still have a working VCR somewhere, but if we are talking audio, then it will have to be the cassette recorder that goes with my 1982 BBC Basic Microcomputer

    @ HYBR|D

    Poor grammar and no knowledge of the correct use of capitalisation?

    Also, no knowledge of England...................

    Nobody will believe you except you have the tapes
    We are not stupid...............if some paranoid git comes up with tapes they will get locked up themselves as likely as not. If a BBC reporter does then the authorities would listen.

    All BBC reporters are aware of English law, and the implications of being an "accessory after the fact", which witholding such information from the police would be.

    Anybody who falls for that must have sh1t for brains and deserves all they get. We have a saying "the Devil takes the hindmost", and we all know that the scumbags go for the lowest hanging fruit?..................well, that suits me just fine

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    lol @ nihil ...

    @ HYBR|D

    I do play WOW and every second persons account is being hacked so it seems blizzard has quite alot of loop holes.
    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
    Albert Einstein

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    This sounds like a variant on the "I've been hired to kill you, but I've watched you and you don't deserve to die. Pay me and you live" type scams.
    That's Officer 11001001 to you...
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