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Thread: confirming email integrity

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    confirming email integrity

    Is it possible to tell if the body of an email has been altered from the original without having the original email? this is what is happening- We are having lawyers sending us requests for emails, when I begin to investigate exactly what they are looking for I find on FaceBook some emails from the person they are looking at. These are not written in their "voice", incredibly incriminating And PROMINENTLY displayed All provocative phrases are in all caps & bold. These appeared AFTER this person knew they were looking at them. It would be career suicide to write these emails in the first place, nevermind post them after they notify you are being watched. I am looking for a way to prove they have been altered as in hit reply, type in what you want, send. You will still have the address showing when you post the file but no headers

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    In short NO. Post again if you want to know more

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    Why are you assuming the emails on facebook are genuine?

    An email is very easily forged with little or no skill.


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