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Thread: Facebook Issue

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    Facebook Issue

    Hi AO's

    As every one knows facebook is a very highly used community site and i use it as well as many of Antionliners aslo.

    But recently as in last 5 days my home page is not opening properly, but profile page opens perfectly fine.

    i tired opening it in other browsers as well as in other system but it still stays the same i dont know how to report to facebook as i do a lot of business deal by facebook and now a days i dont feel like visiting due to this issue of facebook.

    do you guyz have any idea about this weird issue i am attaching the screen shot of how the home page looks.

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    <insert something here>

    My friends cannot see or post on my Wall.

    This is most likely an issue with your Privacy Settings. Please note that if you have restricted your friends from viewing "Posts by Me" or "Posts by Friends," they will be unable to view or post on your Wall. Additionally, make sure that the "Friends can post on my Wall" option is selected.

    If both of these settings are correct and you are still having an issue with your Wall, please submit a report here./help/?faq=16649

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    This could be many things. One that comes to mind is facebook's back end being congested thus the live feed isn't being gathered properly. Another is if you are using some sort of plug-in that is causing the AJAX on facebook to mess up.

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