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Thread: Remote desktop ?

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    Question Remote desktop ?

    Hello everyone,
    It has been a while since i have been here..good to be back though..

    Guys i have to set up a remote user for accessing a pc about 5 clicks away from me..All i want to know is what vnc,hamachi,ultra vnc, or whatever you guys think should be the safest one to use..Should the operating systems be the same or not?Could normal remote desktop also be considered?How and what security issues should i be aware of..

    thx in advance
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    All depends on the Operating system your running???

    And the environment?

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    I use remote desktop running on a non standard port. Works great for windows - windows remote sessions.
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    If it is just 1 PC and it is Windows you might want to look into one of the remote access services like You don't have to open up any special ports and it is free for up to 2 PC's.
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    I use ultraVNC, i have a few "Remote" Machines and i have setup ultraVNC as a service and to run on startup.

    doesn't matter what version of windows are used on the client machine, you don't need to have the same version installed on both machines.

    i would personally setup some sort of loggin on the remote machine that way you can keep an eye on failed logins etc and other suspicious activity.

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    Hi vanman,

    For remote support I use teamviewer (its great because it goes through most F/W setups). On the other hand I would suggest using normal Windows RDP together with Dyndns if you dont have a LIVE IP as im sure you dont here in SA :P Change the default listening port:

    But that is if its windows.

    If you are going for the VNC range then tight or ultra are the best imo.

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    Hello all,
    Sorry guys forgot to mention it is win xp prof with sp 3.Thx for the responses guys..will talk tomorrow..

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