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Thread: New to the IT World. Where should i start?

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    New to the IT World. Where should i start?

    Hey guys,

    Im kinda new here. Im going to school for IT and have been into computers for my entire life. I know the main stuff as far as tweaking, installing, reinstalling windows, services, programs, hardware, ect ect.

    I am starting most of my IT courses next semester.

    Where is a good place to start?

    What should I be looking up?

    Is there a website to give me the headstart?

    Im quick with all this stuff. Any links you guys can possibly post for me would be much appreciated.

    Nd if anyone just wants to goof off on computers, pm me. Glad to have a pc buddy on board.

    Thank you everyone! I look forward to the responses.

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    Well for starters, IT is a huge , general area.

    What are you interested in?
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    Hi there, and welcome to AO.

    Like Cider says it is a pretty large subject so it might be a help if you gave us the major curriculum headings by semester. The basic problem is that an academic curriculum is very broad, so no individual source covers anything like the bulk of it.

    On the other hand, there are plenty of good sites and resources tht are much more specialised in their content.

    As you might imgine, a lot of us on this site finished our academic studies some time ago and have been working whilst obtaining professional qualifications and certifications. We really need to know the course subjects/areas you have to cover.

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    thanx 4 dis info....rp

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