well first hows every one doing? Now I can't post the code for my program sorry about that guys I know its kinda hard to trouble shoot a problem but here is the background on this prog I'm writing. I wrote this program in c/c++ and a major part of it is collecting network traffic and then looking at it, I original wrote it using raw sockets for the packet capture but after a few problem and for the fact that I'm trying to make it as portable as possible I decided to switch to using libpcap. now before I switch to libpcap I was able to compile and run it and it "worked"(with a non-fully functional raw socket only able to capture one protocol at a time). Now that I have switched to libpcap tho it functions 100% but I get these random floating point exceptions IE. some time it will happen rite away and some times it will happen after 500 600 packets are captured or any ware in between with no true rhyme or reason to why. So I'm starting to think that its being caused by libpcap having trouble handling a certain protocols packet or something dose any one know of any thing like that? I'm sorry I don't have the version of libpcap I'm suing but I'm not currently at that computer but I can tell you its the default version that is on Slackware 13.

Thank you for all your help.