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Thread: how to make a file execute after extracting from compressed file

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    how to make a file execute after extracting from compressed file

    guys, is there any app out there that would compress an exe and make it execute upon decompressing it... like for example compress an exe in zip, rar or 7z etc, and when a user uncompress the file then it executes


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    Straight from the WinZip home page

    Self-extracting Zip files can optionally run a "setup" or "installation" program, provided by the creator, after the files are decompressed.

    Almost all compressing software have this functionality.

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    my question would be: what are you trying to achieve?

    I would recommend a UPX packer.

    This will compress the executable without the need of a decompressor app.
    the executable stays in the same file format and can be executed normally..
    the only diffrence is that the executable is now smaller in size.

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