Hey Guys, Long time no chat. :P

I have been investigating some weird packet responses from some servers when visiting their site and I am kind of confused as to what could be the cause of it. When I initiate the TCP connection, I get a SYN/ACK response that has an out of order sequence number. I am curious to what could have caused this and was wondering if any of you gurus had any ideas on the whole shenanigan. My initial guess was some hacked up TCP stack, but the servers are running standard operating systems (*nix/windows) from what I can tell. I started to think it might have been some oddly configured firewall but I can not find a good justification for that being the case. Any thoughts would be appreciated as I am trying to make sense of the whole thing. PLEASE KIND AND MERCIFUL AO SAGES! LEND ME YOUR WISDOM!

Thanks in advance!