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Thread: Vulnerability Scanner.

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    Vulnerability Scanner.

    Hey everyone.

    Curious to know if anyone would happen to have some pre-compiled .php etc or useful links.

    I've been toying with the idea of putting up a online vuln scanner. I remember The_Spec mentioned something about 1 a few months back and the idea has been nagging so i figured i'd ask around a few places and try to get this idea/project off the drawing board.

    I remember a few years back there was a site that had a heap of online tools but for the life of me i cannot remember the url and google searches & thewaybackmachine arn't pulling up any hits. uuugh

    i'm pretty sure it had blacksheep or sumthing in the url.

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    Actually my initial idea was to have it as a feature here with settings for it in everyone's control panel on their account here but QuinStreet Inc. are ****ing dickheads.

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    I'm interested to hear you ideas. Send me a PM or something

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    Before that I thought about using javascript in everyone's browser to brute force hashes and handle distribution off the backend. You wouldn't be able to multithread javascript... but if I start posting up hidden iframes on popular sites then you could imagine the processing power squeezed from them.

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