Had a weird situation at work yesteryday. I work at a small furniture store. We had a customer come in and tell us the map on our web site took him into a sub-division. This surprised me so i pulled up our page to see. As i knew, the map on our site was correct and no where near any sub-divisions. The customer said he was on our "other" web site.

After some searching we found this "other" site.
as an example our real url is ourwebsite.com
the customer went to ourwebsite1.com (only diffrence was a 1 at the end of our address)

now this other site has our logo, correct contact info, but there is a map that leads directly to the owners home.
It appears the site is owned by Yellow Book INC, but we have never been contacted or heard anything about this web page.
Is this normal? I just found it odd