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Thread: 554 Spam detected

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    554 Spam detected

    Hi Guys,

    Our CEO seems to get a bounceback or NDR with the following as the reason

    554 Spam detected

    everytime he send mail when he out of the office, I.E with his Laptop. This is primarily on 3G or on his own Lan.

    Our setup is server 2k3 with 2007 exchange.

    We checked with the ISP and they have said its something to do with our exchange.

    Has anyone got any experience with this , we are out of ideas

    Thanks in advance.
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    If I remember correctly that is something to do with open relay detection? perhaps you have to add him to your mail server's whitelist? or fix his laptop so it doesn't look like an open relay?
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    Seems your domain or email address is being blocked by the remote server. Ask them to
    check their black lists.
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    sounds like someone blacklisted him on your exchange server. what a target a CEO!

    do you use a blacklisting service to update your server? if so then he might have caught an email virus at one time. if that's the case it would be easier to change his emal address than track down all the lists.
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    Sounds like hes trying to send through your exchange without being connected to your default exchange will block it ...because it thinks its spam trying to relay. I dont suggest allowing exchange to relay mail from external domains...else your server\domain will be blacklisted.

    Tell him to use outlook web access...or his ISPs SMTP server

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    Good thinking MLF,

    Not politically acceptable for a top AV co to get on spam blacklists?

    Perhaps I am getting just a little too fond of this wine?

    Happy (belated) Easter

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