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Thread: Starting out with SharePoint 2010

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    Starting out with SharePoint 2010

    I am just starting out with SharePoint. I have been reading blogs and forums scattered across the net and have bought a few books covering development in SharePoint. I was wondering if someone who is experienced with SharePoint have found a text that they felt was particularly good to getting a really solid foundational knowledge of using SharePoint. That, or any good sites or forums that you've read or posted to over the years.



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    Maybe this link may help you.

    SharePoint 2010 Resources for End Users
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    Really, if you want a good solid understanding of SharePoint (2010 im guessing?) you should just spend time with it. Get familiar with how it works and then my suggestion would be to create a Site on a dev SP server that you can play around with. Play around with InfoPath and Workflows first and then once you are good with those, move on to developing web parts. If you run into any problems, there is most likely already an answer online. I don't think I've ran into any issues that googling the problem didn't solve.

    My company paid for some subscriptions for PluralSite video training and those are some pretty nice and detailed guides. We have the top subscription which isn't cheap but you can get a single one for a decent price I believe.

    Really, to get a good and useful (if this is for a job) training, you should probably invest in some classes. That's what I did and it definitely helps.

    There are tons of sites out there (many, many blogs) but mostly you will just end up spending time on MSDN. If not reading blogs about SP, i am on there figuring out the next thing.

    Not sure if you have been through this but it may help as well. SharePoint training at your desk
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    Thanks for the reply mungyun. I set up a development server yesterday for the sole purpose of getting a feel for it. Ultimately the plan is to develop locally and upload projects to SharePoint hosting provider. One book that I've been reading that I've found helpful is Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Building Solutions for SharePoint 2010 by Sahil Malik.

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    The best thing is to play with it...

    When I first started with Share Point there was minimal documentation...

    Set up the share point in a virtualized world ...and use restore points or snapshots to go back if you muck things up.

    I like Share Point...with the SQL back end...cant wait till I get a newer version!

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