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    I have a 15' USB extension cord that I recieved when I ordered my Alfa range extender and wardriver. I went to use it for the first time today (the extension cord, not the Alfa).
    What happened when I plugged the Alfa to it was I got a message that the device was not recognized, and windows couldn't find any driver software for it. At first I thought it was because, without the Alfa getting connectivity, Windows couldn't connect online to find the software.
    So I moved my lappie so it had good connectivity with its factory wifi - same result.
    I pulled out my trackball mouse, which I've never had problems with when I've used it. I have it set up so my touchpad auto-disables when the mouse is plugged in. This happened and the mouse worked fine through the ext. cord.
    So Im thinking to myself "WTF??".
    I pull out a flash drive and attach it to the ext. cord - same result as with the Alfa.

    Can I get a fairly thorough explanation from someone as to what is happening inside my box for this to happen.
    I'd like to get this sorted out, don't mind figuring it out myself; but it would really help my effort if I could get a good breakdown of the issues and mechanisms at work here.

    Again, my USB ext cord gets unable to recognize device and device driver software not found messages when I connect anything to it other than my trusty trackball mouse. The Alfa software and the flash drive software are and have been installed and working fine - its the cord.

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    quite simply I would guesstimate its an inferior cable ... either bad or not properly designed to do USB2.x speeds at length.

    your mouse is probably able to work at lower speeds.

    Another possibility is that the power required for the devices isn't supported on that port. some USB ports are now marked for higher power output, and you should try that port, if trying them all gives the same result cable or not, then next is a powered usb hub so that the power in feeds the need.

    Otherwise higher quality cable, most likely one with ferrites if this one doesn't have them.

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    What does it say in Device Manager?

    what happens if you turn the lappie of, plug in the ext cord then turn on the laptop? also out of curiosity what happens if you boot up into a LiveCD or a *nix installation?

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    Quite simply, you did not provide enough info ... especially info on cable.

    What TG2 said were my thoughts ... to expand on that a little:

    Your other devices were almost certainly USB 2.0 devices ... your other, the one that did work, obviously a HID device.

    Did you try a USB 1.1 flash drive with that cable?
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    I will go with TG2 and IKnowNot on this one. Your extension cable is defective so send it back.

    The acid test is that the cable was supplied with the Alfa range extender and doesn't work with it?............... that means that it is defective. The Afa works otherwise, as does the USB memory stick, so those units must be OK? I am afraid that only leaves the cable itself as the culprit.

    USB basically performs a dual function: power and signal. Your USB memory stick shouldn't use much more power than the mouse, although the connectivity (signal) is much less sophisticated for the mouse, which is probably why it works.

    Simple view: "I bought an Alfa with a lead, it doesn't work, nor does it with a memeory stick, yet both devices work otherwise...............send me a new cable like yesterday"

    DO NOT mention that it works with a mouse.............did you buy it for that?

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