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Thread: Social Media Hosts File

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    but in all fairness, is a full day of work really too much to ask?
    In a word: "yes" Personally, I have never, ever, contracted to give more than a full day's attendance for payment

    OK, to the subject in hand:

    If this is only one worker, or a few in a single office, I wouldn't bother to try anything too complicated, especially if I was expected to support and maintain it.

    I would look at "parental control" software, particularly the "industrial strength" ones they use in schools. Sorry I cannot remember any names but at least one is very good at blocking all manner of subjects.

    The beauty of the third party solution is that the vendors maintain it

    Just a thought

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    There is software called K9 that is free for private use, and cheap for corporate use. We use it at church, just to help people avoid the temptation to venture where they shouldn't. I think it is $2-3 per month. You can block by category, and seems to work pretty well.
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