Wow, before I get into my post I have to say ... it seems like this site is really dying. Maybe its just me and the times I get on, but whenever I am here it seems like I am the only member online (lots of guests, few members). Again, maybe its just me.
Anyways ... to my subject ...

I want to start going for a new career direction, in particular penetration testing. as it stands right now I am very far away from having the capability to realize this, but I am ready and willing to put in the work.

Right now I have very strong HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills. Not alot to go on thus far. I have been learning Python for about 2 months and dedicate a little almost every day to it.

I know I have to start familiarizing myself with network technologies, programming languages and probably reverse engineering techniques. I am hoping to start school for Information systems and tech in January but depending on financial aid ... well, its not a sure thing yet.

I know that my learning capabilities are strongest under a structured curriculum. I am trying to put myself together a structured plan of attack right now.

I know (at least, at times) this site is full of people with knowledge and experience in this field and I was hoping some of them would give me some ideas to structure my study plan. subject and field of study and order of attack.

Thanks, I look forward to reading some responses (even though, the way things look I might not get any until around Christmas ) lol

que sera sera.

Happy holidays to all