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Thread: Microsoft starting silent upgrades of Internet Explorer.

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    Hi Foxy~

    Yeah, he doesn't tell us what version of IE or windows he is running?

    If he has updated IE, it may well be that his kit doesn't really support it?..............has he tried Opera, Chrome & all the others....................he doesn't say................

    They never do.....................

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    Have you ever cleaned out the TIF?

    7.4 GB is the most I found and that speeded up that rig.

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    I don't really have a problem with that for Windows 7. I have seen too many upgrades on PC running XP with IE6/7 for a while having major underlying issues. And when installing a big updates usually results in disaster for the end users.

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    I guess that if the browser actually checks for an update, rather than just having it squirted at you out of the blue, it will be reasonably safe. Provided, of course, it rejects any update it didn't initiate.
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