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Thread: General Security and Encryption Questions

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    Yep, there was an option in DOS to wipe the drive, then it disappeared until Vista was released. I use DBAN (Darrick's Boot And Nuke) on older systems.

    Change dump file size:

    <Control Panel>
    <Advanced><Startup and Recovery>
    <Write Debugging Information>

    The options are:

    Small Memory Dump (64KB)
    Kernel Memory Dump
    Complete Memory Dump
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    Quote Originally Posted by dredogol View Post
    Oh, did you know during the XP install process, it only does a quick LBA wipe + DiskCheck when you choose 'regular' format right before the OS installs... and not a 1-pass wipe, which is dumb.
    Correct. Not only during the install though. The format option when Windows XP is booted does the same thing, it does NOT wipe the drive.
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