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Thread: IE9 & passwords

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    IE9 & passwords

    So ive been playing with IE9 on a win7 box but for the life of me I cannot get it to prompt me to remeber the password.

    I have the autocomplete settings enabled and left IE temp files alone.

    I have also googled abit and it seems to be such an ambigious issue its issue, whats the deal here?
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    I can't help you much here because I don't know if I even have that installed or not (I'm not bashing IE, I just simply rarely ever use it is all so don't worry, this isn't a biased point of view, and yes, you know I'm one of the few who'd tell you if it was ) But yea, I used to use IE all the time, and I actually kinda liked it.

    Back in the day, Netscape, and IE, were basically all I knew how to use, and I generally, would just use IE, as it was right there on my desktop, and I'm lazy sometimes.

    Anyway, when I started using Linux and BSD, I couldn't use it, and I had to find something else, which, for a while, I used Netscape, Firefox, Konq, and a few others, but now, I hate Firefox and refuse to even install it, and IE, I haven't even opened it in months, because I have Opera open basically 24/7.

    But, I DO remember on a few occasions, I was using IE, and I would have issues like you're having.

    I couldn't for the life of me figure out what to do, because there were a few web sites where I actually DID want IE to remember my password, and so I'd go there on a fresh installation, log in, and boom, no prompt to remember it.

    I'm not sure how I ever finally got this stupid thing fixed, but try the actual Microsoft Web Site. A google Search is usually what people say to do first, but not only did you already try that, it doesn't always pull up the right one from them.

    Basically, go to the Microsoft web site, and look around there a bit for the Internet Explorer web site they run. There should be a section where you can find the info you need.

    Like I said; It's been a while since I personally used it, but I remember Microsoft had a Web Site on their main domain JUST for Internet Explorer, and that's probably the best place to start digging.

    I haven't looked in a while but I don't think there is really any reason they would no longer run this, as they still work on Internet Explorer, AND they still have a team working on it in their Company, so I don't think there would be any reason they would take it down.

    Hope that helps, as it's the bets advice I can give from someone who's also had this happen before.

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    Keep in mind that most sites have autocomplete=off thus why most browsers won't prompt the whole password prompt.

    in ie7 you were able to use ie7pro, and use a stylish script that would override website's that had the autocomplete=off

    for ie8/ie9 your just going to be wasting time really, i would just install something like lastpass universal installer and be done with it.

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    Holy **** Coffee Cup.... I didn't even think about that.... Damn man. In my defense, it's New Years Eve, and I've been awake since like... Well, I got up like 5 times and the cell phone was ringing off the hook right up until 4 AM, and I kept waking up having to pee, so I didn't sleep exactly great, but basically right before 7 AM I was like OK, I'm not gonna sleep anymore, and just got up.

    But yea, um, I think Coffee Cup there has an excellent idea, and you should probably do that, since it'll be a wayyyyyy easier thing to do.

    I don't know of any other Windows Password managers since I only have on partition that has Windows on it, and I don't use them on Windows in general. Not because I think they don't work or anything, I just don't actually use anything that requires me to actually do this. On Unix, I generally will use one or two different ones, but even then, it's only for certain apps.

    For Web Browsing I don't really ever have to do this, since I use Opera on Windows, Linux, BSD, and the Cell Phone lol. And it has The Wand, which works great. And with a Mic hooked up, I can even tell it to log in and use the wand and all that with my voice which is sweet.

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    I rarely use IE9 but IIRC there is a setting in auto complete about user names and passwords.

    I use Firefox 9 and with some sites I must click on a field twice to get it to auto fill while on others I don't. I have no idea what causes this. Perhaps there is something in the web page script that causes such behavior.

    Auto complete is handy, but don't use it for logon information. Allowing user ID's and passwords to be stored in a browser is like having no security at all.

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