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Thread: Web Browsers

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    Web Browsers


    Can ppl list web browsers they have used here, so I can get a comprehensive list on whats out there . Yes google is there but I do trust the posts here rather ...

    Currently I have tried.

    FF (latest)

    Chrome (Latest) - mostly use this but tbh its abit buggy.

    IE 9 - I really want to change to this but I have a work laptop and home PC that sometimes interchange data so some form of sync would be +1.

    Seamonkey (latest) - Really enjoying this but havent decided yet.

    Opera (Latest) - Seems very bulky
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    Well, I have been using IE10 with the developers' preview of Windows 8............ at first casual glance it does look to be much more user friendly and more "like" the others.

    I haven't tried any kind of synchronisation or interfacing though as that seemed a bit forward for a pre-beta OS release? We should have the public beta of Windows 8 in around 3 weeks?

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    on my OpenSuse & Debian boxes they run firefox 3.6.*

    i have an older machine running XP, the rest of the equipment is either running win7 or either suse or debian.

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    Lynx :-P

    I still haven't found a browser that I actually like. I usually switch back and forth between Opera and Firefox. I love the extensions on Firefox, but the update cycle is getting a bit ridiculous. I think they are at version 42 right now, and version 86 is due out next month. Opera is alright, but I run into compatibility issues a lot. Sites that usually run AJAX will default to HTML, etc.
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    Opera mainly, but also:










    There's more, but the ones I use most, are Opera, Seamonkey, and Chrome, but also, I do like a few others. Do no speak poorly of Opera! lol I started out like most other people on Linux and BSD, using up Firefox, and sometimes Konq, but really, Firefox has become more bloated than I was or my ego has ever been, and therefore, I won't use it now. I started using Opera a few years ago, and quite frankly, I just started to LOVE it. I now have Opera running on every one of my machines; It's fast, it's NOT bloated compared to everything else, and it has a Mail Client built in that actually works pretty well. So I started to use Opera most of the time, and now, I leave it running 24/7 and it's installed and working on every Computer, and Cell Phone.

    I have it on Windows 7, Slackware, all 3 of my BSD boxes, and my other Linux stuff too. It works on everything, and I have it on the Cell Phone, AND on the Nintendo Wii! THAT is Cross Platform! Heh.

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    Thanks for the replies!
    Gore - dont you find that opera doesn't render some pages correctly?
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    Honestly; I haven't really EVER had an issue with that. I know that SOME people have, and I've heard stories that people have had pages not seem to work to well in Opera, but for my person web browsing, I have yet to have a real issue.

    This machine is running Windows 7 and Slackware, and I have this installed in Windows:

    Internet Explorer




    I use Opera for basically everything, and I installed Real Player, and set up the download videos thing, and used it with Seamonkey and Chrome, so I can download videos on Youtube and other flash video sites, but I rarely need to use that.

    I keep Seamonkey around mostly because I like to be able to test certain things out in multiple browsers for Windows, and so I keep Seamonkey, and I use the Mail Client.

    I use Chrome mainly for Facebook. It was easier to simply set up Chrome and use it mostly for Facebook so I could have a single Browser to do this.

    On Linux, I have a BUNCH of Browsers installed, and I use basically everything available. The reason is, I can make a Web Page, and test it out in literally everything out there.

    On my FreeBSD and PC-BSD boxes, I have even MORE browsers installed; FreeBSD and PC-BSD are the same thing basically, and I have everything installed from text based browsers, like Links, Lynx, and E-Links, to Epiphany, Galeon, Konq, Rekonq, Seamonkey, Opera, Linux Opera, Dillo, and more.

    I like screwing with Web Browsers, and in BSD, you can install them all.

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    Thanks gore.

    One thing keeping me to Chrome is the single sign on and my bookmark / password sync between my work laptop and home PC. How is Operas Sync? Firefox's sync always gives sh1t, dont dare argue with me about this :P

    Now I have KeePass, that I keeps these passwords in so I can use another browser and have all my passwords ready. Because we have to deal with Panda International, I have lots of credentials for different things and I cannot possibly remember all of them so I have to store them somewhere.

    Where do you draw the line with security vs simplicity in this case? Am I a bad example of a security "engineer" if i sync my credentials between two secure machines ... ?
    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
    Albert Einstein

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    Well, here's the thing; Opera has it's very own way of storing Passwords and even MORE. You can store passwords like any browser these days can seem to do, of course, but, you can also store more than that; And you don't even have to type if you don't want to; Opera has, and has had for years, the ability to use a Microphone to take Voice commands.

    When I was still living in Montreal, I had left to go to Montreal on December 15th, 2006, and while I was there, I had to get used to not having all my own Computers there since I couldn't take them with me. So all my Computers were at my Mom's House here in Michigan, and my Wife had this awesome computer, and She used Firefox most of the time, but I wanted to use something else. I downloaded Opera, and got it going, and then, I set up the Mic on the PC, and the Voice Commands, and then, I started using that sometimes.

    It was kind of cool; I had never used that particular Feature, but I was pretty well good with Opera, because not only does it work on Windows, but, I STILL have my old SUSE Linux 8.1 Professional Box. I have the box it came in, and the CDs and DVDs it came with and even the books still, and I remember on the box, it had a little Opera Logo, because it came with it.

    So I'd used it, but back then, I was using Firefox sometimes, and Netscape. The REAL Netscape. Not some POS version of it, but the actual real Netscape, which I miss.

    Anyway, Most Linux distros don't exactly come with Opera. SUSE did, and you can install it on any distro you want obviously, but SUSE actually came with it standard.

    I hadn't used it much on Windows, but I started to notice that they were one of the few Web Browsers that came on multiple OSs, and actually worked the same! Remember this is back when the version of Netscape for Linux, was about 3 versions behind on the one from Windows.

    So to see a Browser that not only WORKED on Linux and BSD and all that, but it was the SAME one that Windows had, I liked that.

    So anyway I set up the Mic and turned on the Voice Commands, and I thought it was kind of cool. I mean you say Refresh, and it reloads the page. You say log in, and it uses The Wand to log in.

    Now, Opera is basically my Favorite Web Browser period. There isn't another Web Browser I use more.

    The Cell Phone my Wife and I have, has Opera. The Nintendo Wii we have, uses Opera. My one and only Windows installation / Partition, which is on this machine, with Windows 7 64 Bit, has Opera. My Laptop running PC-BSD 9, has Opera. My Compaq Desktop, which has PC-BSD 8.2, is running Opera as well, and I also use it as my email client too. My Other Workstation, running FreeBSD 9.0, has Opera. I use it on everything.

    One of my main Email Accounts, one of the ones I use just for like Family and Friends, and a few News Mailing Lists for Slackware and Debian and FreeBSD, is set up on this machine, with Opera.

    I like the Email Client.

    I know Email Clients coming with a Web Browser isn't exactly what you're talking about, but I'm bringing it up mostly because I think personally, it should weigh in on a decision, and the reason, is this:

    I'm VERY VERY Picky about Email Clients. Like, when I'm weighing in, on what I'm going to use, I'm a ****ing *****. I'll bust the crap out of Email clients until I'm satisfied. And, when it comes to Windows, I'm WORSE. I am the WORST person, for Email.

    Oddly enough, back when I used Windows 2000 or XP, which it's been a while, but I actually HATED Outlook. I'd use Outlook Express over it. The reason was that Outlook Express, was more simple, and easy to set up. So I used it. Not often mind you, but I did use it and like it. I liked the Interface. I know that's a stupid reason, but I just simply liked the way it looked.

    The glaring Security holes, well, those can be blocked or worked on, but everything else, it came down to I like how it looked.

    And I hate, HATE Windows Email Clients. Outlook Express is no longer around, and I'm not paying for Outlook when I don't even like it. I have Office XP Professional, and I hated Outlook.

    Now, Windows Live Mail is there of course, and I've got ONE Email account set up for it, because, even though I'm a HUGE jerk about this stuff, I DO give a fair shake to all of them. Windows Live Mail has Potential, but it's just not there yet.

    Thunderbird, again, a ****ing Email Client should NOT need more System Resources than most OSs!

    Seamonkey on the other hand, again, it's a Web Browser, Email Client, and more. The Mail Client is a little better, but still not what I Love.

    Windows just seems to totally lack and fall behind in the world of Email and Web Browsing. I don't Honestly know how some of you who use Windows on everything can stomach the Email and Web Browsers.

    Linux and BSD, and most Unix OSs, have a LOT of Email Clients and Web Browsers. Not all of them work on Windows though. In fact; Most don't.

    Kmail would be a WONDERFUL addition to Windows, but making it work on Windows is a pain in the ass, and I'm quite Frankly not willing to do all that. Sylpheed and Claws can work on Windows, and I personally have Claws-Mail installed on my Windows 7 Partition.

    That's not my favorite mind you, but it's better than most of the Windows Mail Clients. Novell has a nice once, but it isn't ported either.

    On my PC-BSD 8.2 installation, I have Kmail set up for one Email Address which gets a LOT of mail, because I'm on the Slackware Security and Announce Mailing Lists, another Slackware Mailing List I found, and then, Debian Announce, Debian Security, Debian News, FreeBSD Chat, FreeBSD Announce, FreeBSD Security, FreeBSD Questions, and more. so there's a lot of Email coming through that one, and I have a bunch of custom Filters set up so that everything is broken down into sections:

    I have a Folder I made, well, a couple of them, like for example:

    There's Inbox, Sent, and so on, and then I made one called SavedMail, then, I made a nice one called "Mailing Lists" and then it has a **** load of Sub Folders, like "BSD" and "Linux" and so on, and then inside those, more Sub Folders; FreeBSD, Slackware, Debian, and so on. Then inside that, are the other Sub Folders, like so:

    Mailing Lists - BSD - FreeBSD - Questions
    Mailing Lists - BSD - FreeBSD - Security
    Mailing Lists - Linux - Slackware - Security
    Mailing Lists - Linux - Slackware - Announce
    Mailing Lists - Linux - Debian - Security

    You get the idea. But anyway, the reason is, I have a bunch of Filters I made, and then, when I check my Email, I have it sorted out, and stuff from people I know, is sent to the Inbox, and basically everything else, goes through the Filters, and then, to the proper Destination Folders.

    I then have another Folder and Sub Folder System in place, "Saved Mailing Lists" and so on, where I can take Mail I want to keep, and pop it into a Folder for later reading, or, if it's something I REALLY want, I can pop it in there too.

    Like if for example, there's a REALLY interesting Discussion or Thread going on about something I like, or am interested in, I can move all of it, the whole thread, and pop it into that Folder, and then, I can Delete everything else I don't care about, and it's nice and tidy.

    It took a while, because, well, Kmail is pretty simple, and you can set up Filters and things with a Mouse click or 3, but for other Email clients, it's a little more involved, and so, I decided I'd make a new set of Filters, and mke sure all Mail was handled right.

    It took a few hours for each Mail Client I did this on, assuming it wasn't Kmail or Novell, or some other easy to use point and click one, but the ones that aren't point and click, you have to do this by hand sometimes, and then, it takes a while.

    Anyway, on PC-BSD 8.2, I have that and only that installed on that Computer, and I don't dual Boot it. The same goes for my Laptop; It's not dual Booting anything; PC-BSD 9.0 is so SO good, you don't need too.

    So I have my Email Clients and Web Browsers set up, and in particular, on ALL of them, I have Opera. Opera is what I use to browse the Web, but I also use it as an Email Client.

    I'm typing this message right now, from Opera, and I was made aware of the reply to it, from an Email that was sent to me saying there's a reply. And since Opera is set up to handle the Email Account I use for AntiOnline, I simply click on the link in the email, and it loads a new tab.

    I have Opera on literally everything I use to go online. I LOVE it.

    Opera is Fast, STABLE, easy to use, and has a great Email client. The Email Client looks a lot like Gmail to be Honest; You don't have "Folders" but tags and other ways of looking at Mail. Now, I admit, I'm a huge fan of having Folders, and I DO wish sometimes that the Opera Team would allow that, but they don't have Folders, just tags and so on like Gmail Does.

    However, they have done such a good job of this that I don't mind. I have a bunch of Custom Tags, and, the new version of Opera released not to long ago, has a BUNCH of new stuff for the Email Client built in, and it's so good that I was able to set up a way of filtering Email in minutes!

    Now, your question about syncing stuff... Heh, you haven't used Opera much have you? Basically, Opera is WAY more than a Web Browser; You have the Opera Widgets which can do everything from show you LOLCats, to setting up an MP3 Player that will play Music, and you have Opera Unite, which has everything from a built in Web Server, to, well, you can Leave Messages on it, and other people can too if you want, like a Fridge Magnet that has a Pad of Paper and Pen.

    It's REALLY quite something.

    And since it's totally free, why don't you just download it and give it a go? It's not like you have to worry about them putting Malware and Annoyware in it, trust me, there's nothing in the installer, but Opera.

    Oh and don't get me started on Themes! Opera has some of the MOST BEAUTIFUL Themes, EVER made, for a Web Browser.

    And Opera also has "Speed Dial" which a lot more Web Browsers are starting to rip off, but Opera's Speed Dial is still the best!

    The Mail Client's Address Book is simply amazing too. I've never actually seen a Mail Client where, when you set up your contacts list, you can not only Import and Export it, but, you can set up Pictures for each person, fill out info about them, such as Email Address, secondary Email Address (Which, when you do that, you can Email them and then, when you wanna add something from the address book, all you have to do, is basically click on "to" and it drops down, and if you have more than one Email Address in there, it has a little menu, and you select which one you want to mail to, or both, and off you go.

    The Bookmarks are also VERY well done. I can't even stand usinf other Web Browsers anymore; Because the Bookmarks are so good, and so easy to set up, that you start wondering why ALL Browsers don't do this.

    See, with Opera, you basically install it, open it, and then, you can customize everything, and on the left side of the Browser, you have this section with little buttons.

    They don't use up a lot of space until you actually start clicking on them, and then they slide to the right a little, and you can start using them for whatever you want. There's even a Notes section so you can be browsing the Web, or Checking Email, and if someone says something to you or calls you, or says something in an email you need to do something with, you simply click on the left side, and you'll see there's one Icon that looks like sticky notes. You click on that, add a new note, and type out whatever it is you need to do, and then keep going.

    You've known me for a while now, so, just trust me on this; Go download Opera, install it, and then, once you have, set it up how you want it, and then, see for yourself if it's going to fill the role you need.

    My Mom, and my Aunt, live together in a House, that now has a small home network in it. My Mom got a New Computer and I took the old one and put FreeBSD on it, and then, my Aunt ended up buying a Laptop, so I set up Wireless for them and everything else, and both Computers came with Windows 7.

    On my Mom's computer, I hid Internet Explorer, and I said not to install Firefox, and instead, I went over there, and I installed Opera. My Mom now LOVES Opera, and uses it for everything.

    She likes it so much that She told my Aunt about it, and when my Aunt got her Laptop, she asked me to come over and "Install that thingy your Mom has with the Red "O"" and, so, I installed Opera for my aunt, and now she too, uses it, and only it, to browse the web.

    I tell everyone to use it. Hell some people like it because they have a shitty connection to the net, and so Opera Turbo, REALLY makes their day.

    Anyway, without writing a book about Opera, I'll simply say this:

    Go and download Opera. Install it, use it, set it up, and customize it to your liking, and then, make a choice on your own on if it does what you need.

    Like I said; I have Opera running on the Cell Phone, Nintendo Wii, Every Computer I own, be it Windows 7, Slackware Linux, Debian Linux, Mandriva, Magae, SUSE, PC-BSD, FreeBSD, doesn't matter; They are ALL using Opera.

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    Opera...been using it forever and Love it! I do use Firefox for a handful of Security related plug-ins and IE when absolutely necessary for compatibility nonsense on some sites......
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