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Thread: software to calculate delay

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    software to calculate delay


    I was wondering if someone has a good software on Linux (Ubuntu) to calculate delay?

    I would like to calculate the delay between to computers connected with a PIX firewall and a router without ACL and in another network only with a router with ACL.

    So if someone has some advice for the software to use it will be awesome.


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    A ping and trace route will give you latency times though they are not too effective on a local LAN due to the millisecond granularity.

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    I will need one which is very precise. I saw that D-ITG or MGEN can do it.

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    Hello, and welcome to AO

    I don't really understand what you are trying to achieve here, so some clarification of yoiur objectives might help?

    From what I can see from your diagram, you are looking at the difference between a router with access control list and an external (stand alone) firewall? Well I can tell you that...........the firewall solution is slower because it has to negotiate both the PIX and the router.

    Biggest flaw that I can see in your proposed test is the internet cloud................. my connections can vary in a matter of seconds, so I would not consider it to be a reliable metric at all, as you do not have control over all the elements.

    Personally I would just place a dumb server at the exit and measure to least that is a level playing field, which the internet certainly is not.

    And why so "accurate"???????????? why would a few milliseconds matter when you have a luser between chair and keyboard?

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