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Thread: WINDOWS 8 release date?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nihil View Post
    As I have said before it is just an enhanced version of Windows 7 as far as end user experience is concerned. I really can't see anyone wanting to make the transition?
    but as normal, Win8 will be all that is available in shops for home users, and business will need to downgrade licensr to load their images to it, and eventually, drivers will not work on Win7, will only work on Win8 SP3 :P yadayadayada

    XP still business OS of choice, as it still workss, and can still run on new, pretty reasonable hardware, it is never going to be a speed demon, but until the hardware HAS to go to Win8, as by then it WILL be Win8 business will still hold to XP

    UK NHS where I have done support for over 5 years now, in many trusts, all have XP, they are running SOME Win7, mainly for 'power users' who need their PC to be that little more responsive under a heavy load, but even CEO's get XP imaged to their PC

    as for laptops, if it don't work with XP, they can only get it if they make a case for having Dr Dre's beat box audio on a medical box

    saying that, it WILL all upgrade, but eventually is the word there, as it is 00's of 000's of workstations, and as NHS can only purchase rom authorised suppliers, the cost for a basic workstaion is close on 700 ......

    wheras if they let us loose with a Co credit card, we could go to Ebuyer [UK] and get bare bone set ups for 180, leaving BIG differentials to get peripherals and OS image added

    but hey, WTF do I know :P
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