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Thread: Windows 7 memory leak

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cider View Post
    SOLVED: Leak on the Nvidia beta drivers.

    Note to self (don't install beta drivers on your only box).

    ATI ftw, death to NVIDIA.
    After 3dLabs stopped making their Wildcat boards, I tried ATI. They really sucked because of bad Catalyst drivers, especially OpenGL drivers. They released new bug fix drivers every month and just moved the bugs around.

    I switched to nVidia Quadro boards and have not had a single problem. Their drivers have been rock solid for me. I even have Quadro NVS chips in my notebooks.

    Back then I had 22" Viewsonic VP2290b (3840x2400) displays to feed and there weren't many choices for video cards.

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    What is this possible.....

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    Well done lesterrob!

    You are beginning to catch up, as this thread is only 15 months old

    Yes it is very possible, actually, it is a fact. Professional equipment performs and costs differently from that used by the general public.

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