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Thread: dell vostro 1500

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    dell vostro 1500

    I have a Dell Vostro 1500 series laptop running Windows XP. It does not load into the splash screen I have to hit F8 to get the "safe mode menu and the other different options to appear" no matter what option I choose it still says the following file is missing or corrupt vgaoem.fon it tells me to insert the windows XP disk and run the repair option. Problem is my friend doesn't have the disk. I ran diaqnostics on the system:

    Here is the output: cables - hardware pass
    system - system tests pass
    hard drive DST

    test results fail
    ERROR CODE 2000-0146

    I believe the hard drive is no good in the laptop. I don't have an extra external drive to test this. What I do have is a Windows Vista 32bit cd that came with my Dell I was wondering if that work. This is a clients computer that needs to be up and running. Al helpis greatly appreciated.

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    Didn't state what version of XP it's running. ie:> Home - Professional etc etc

    i just grabbed this from an XP pro disc sitting in my draw:>

    Extract it onto a usb stick, then boot up the PC via a liveCD then just copy the file into the needed directory.

    system32 or something along those lines i think.

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    Hi Computernerd22............. and just where have you been?....... errr....."Happy Christmas, New Year and Easter"...... yep, it's been that long, but at least I got Easter in on time

    How are you and yours?....well I hope

    Now, as for your question then what HYBR|D says is fine, but I must admit that I do go with your suspicions about the HDD.

    That Vostro must be around 5 years' old to be running XP? and lappies don't live very long anyways?

    I would run a manufacturer's HDD analysis tool on it........ you can get to the Dell website and enter their service code (on the lappy) to find the exact build; which will tell you the HDD details.

    My recommendation would be to not try the Windows analysis with repair bad sectors set to "on"


    1. Don't use the Vista disk, it is a completely different OS.

    2. If you have any Windows XP CD with the right version (Home/Professional) and Service Pack (should be SP3) then it should work.

    I would still try HYBR|D's suggestion and try to replace the offending file first. After that I would try sfc /scannow. You will need the correct CD and run the "recovery console"

    I am wondering if the "repair" option is Windows or a Dell application/variant? For the manufacturer's repair you will need their recovery CD(s).

    If replacing the file works then run the HDD manufacturer's drive diagnostics. If the drive is hosed then there really isn't any point wasting more time on it.

    You might also burn the manufacturer's diagnostics to a bootable CD or USB stick and run it from there.

    Also remember that if you have to do a repair install, it will take quite a while to update Windows afterwards.
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    from what I know, you can install Windows from another CD, it's important that you have the key.
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    just torrent the CD
    all you need is the software
    grabbing that isn't an issue
    it is only when you crack the key they get pi55ed

    as for Vista, it won't work against an XP setup

    and also to me too, the HDD is destined to fail soon
    generally, I have found that once a system starts giving out error messages re - OS bit n bobs missing
    that it will soon fail totally

    can you not slave the drive ASAP
    grab all the data from it and back it up

    ideally BEFORE you tyr the rescue?

    luck to you
    and if you were local, I would send you a CD, got a pile of genuine MS XP Pro discs, from my various jobs over the years
    never could just drop em into the bin

    luck to you
    so now I'm in my SIXTIES FFS
    WTAF, how did that happen, so no more alterations to the sig, it will remain as is now

    Beware of Geeks bearing GIF's
    come and waste the day :P at The Taz Zone

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