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Thread: Tor Browser Bundle for Linux (2.2.35-8) "EVIL bug"

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    Tor Browser Bundle for Linux (2.2.35-8) "EVIL bug"

    "There is an EVIL bug in at least the Linux (2.2.35-8) Tor Browser Bundle start-tor-browser script. It will log things
    like domain names to a file in the root of the browser bundle."

    Ticket #5417 (new defect) in Tor browser bundle has small typo causing debug mode to be always turned on

    Reported by: cypherpunks
    Priority: critical
    Component: Tor bundles/installation


    TBB starts in debug mode disregardless of --debug switch used or not. This is caused by small bug on line 208 on, where it says

    if [ "${debug}" ];

    where it should say

    if [ "${debug}" == 1];


    if [ ${debug} -eq 1 ];

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    Hi, and welcome to AO

    Very interesting, but I wonder just how "critical" it is in reality?

    To access the file The Man would have to access your machine, which means that you are already busted.

    It does show how much hardware has improved over the years though. I can well remember the days when if one of my development team moved something into the test environment with debug on, we would spot it immediately because of the performance hit

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