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Thread: Forum Dead?

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    Quote Originally Posted by westin View Post
    I am in my late 20s, but already embracing old age. I have my Ham radio license, smoke a pipe on occasion,
    There are some people who are the same age around here who smoke Pipes too, but they put this little Copper Wire burned up stuff in it and a little white rock, and it REALLY seems to charge their batteries lol.

    listen to old blues and folk,
    I can't help you with the Folk part but I was trained to play Blues on Bass. When I first started up playing, the guy that my Mom decided I had to go see to take lessons to play Bass, other than the time I brought in Cannibal Corpse and he could barely keep up and admitted they were amazing, it was a lot of Blues stuff.

    I actually have a collection (Well, I downloaded it) of 1920s Louisiana Jazz and Blues. It's ****ing awesome. I can actually play Blues and Jazz on Bass, and a little on Guitar too, so I can play along with it.

    and have taken up gardening.
    I know of a few things there that keep you "feeling young"

    I also prefer good beer to the cheap stuff, and good scotch or bourbon.
    Now see, Mohawk or not, (Currently not) I'm a stuck up condescending ***** about alcohol in general; I won't touch most Beer because it's ****, but these are on my buy list:

    Hacker-Pschorr - GREAT Beer.

    Warsteiner - Great too.

    Molsen Canadian, Molsen Ex, and Molsen Golden - The only Beer I really drink from this continent.

    Other than that, I like Cognac, Bourbon, and Brandy. Oh and some Whiskey, but it has to be a certain kind, without any Pop mixed in. I can't stand watching my Aunt ruin good whiskey with ****ing coke. The only Coke you should ever use with Whiskey, should be white and going in a different hole lol.

    Don't worry gore, I still listen to a healthy amount of the Misfits and Leftover... but I prefer the Danzig Misfits.
    The Misfits IS still my Favorite band EVER. I've now seen them live....Hmm....About 7 times now. I have an Autographed poster I nabbed a few years ago too. My Wife and I both Love them, which is why She's my Wife, because Honestly, I dumped a girl over saying she didn't like them, and I stand by it lol.

    That's one thing that was a deal breaker. My Wife is into The Misfits, Skinny Puppy, Leftover Crack, Rammstein, Danzig, Samhain, The Ramones, Gwar, has GG Allin CDs, and is totally into Zombie movies and Exploitation movies, and, She also knows Unix, Perl, C, Assembler, and uses Vi Snatched that Bitch up quick lol.

    She's like a ****ing Unicorn; You've all heard of it but never seen one, so, when I saw one, I grabbed it and took the **** off. I wasn't letting Her go lol. We still argue, I mean, She likes ATI more than Nvidia! And AMD! And She likes oi, which I hate. But other than that it's like we're twins lol.

    We both toke and pop on some ACTUAL Reggae, or pop in the Skatallites, (The band that "Ska" comes from) and then, I can put on Lords of Acid, Slayer, Acid Bath, Agents of Oblivion, Leftover Crack, INDK (If you like Leftover Crack, check out INDK, and also Choking Victim, very similar, some of the same people, really good ****) and then, we can fall asleep on the couch watching Night of the Living Dead, one of the most important movies ever...

    We both actually make music too. We haven't ever really made a song together, but oddly enough it ends up being Industrial which we're both into a lot.

    A lot of what I do is Industrial, and it's one of my favorite types of music and all, and it's kind of "more punk than punk" as a certain girl from Throbbing Gristle said; "Punks would say learn three chords and form a band, and we would say, "why learn the chords? As soon as you do that you join the status quo"" and I LOVE that lol.

    The girl from TG also was talking about how Punk is a sped up or Bastardized version of Rock N Roll, but it was still a form of it, and with Industrial, in the beginning, there was no form.

    I always thought that was kind of cool. Besides, Industrial, you can make basically ANY type of music; Ministry and every other band Al Jourgensen works with is like Machine made Metal, and it's awesome. I have every Ministry album out there except the new one. If he stopped doing smack I'm not sure I wanna hear it lol.

    But LARD is also on my play list; Al and Jello Biafra; All Star!

    And then Skinny Puppy; Adding Horror to Industrial, you KNOW I Love THAT lol. The **** I make, is probably always going to have a Horror Element to it. I mean The Misfits invented Horror Punk, and Skinny Puppy founded Horror Industrial, and so on, and you have Psychobilly, which is good too because I like Rock-A-Billy, but basically, when I started making music, I didn't really think it was Industrial, and it wasn't Techno or anything either, so I just coined it as "Digital Horror Punk" since The Misfits are my favorite band, and Night of the Living Dead has made me want to pick up a Bass just as much as ANY album The Ramones did.

    I guess that sounds odd; Night of the Living Dead, Hannibal Lecter, and Michael Myers have inspired more songs out of me, than most bands I listen to lol. But yea, I've got about an entire double album worth of music that has samples of Night of the Living Dead in it, and it's not just because I can't get sued for it, being that it's Public Domain, so I can sample away, but it truly does inspire me.

    Heh, I once sat down and popped Night of the Living Dead in, and then, grabbed my Bass, and turned my amp on, and sat there using everything from my fingers, a pick, and the VCR Remote Control, to make the sound FX the movie had.

    I basically would sit down and play along to Night of the Living Dead's Sound Track, the same as I would a Misfits album.

    Damn, sorry for the long post man, didn't realize I went on like that lol, but anyway, I think you'll get what I mean

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    Sorry mate,

    I am afraid that I had to get rid of the bot's post, but I agree that it was pathetic.

    I think that the best one we ever had was "Donald", if you remember "him"?

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