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Thread: What is a Case Study?

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    What is a Case Study?

    “In practical matters the end is not mere speculative knowledge of what is to be done, but rather the doing of it. It is not enough to know about Virtue, then, but we must endeavor to possess it, and to use it, or to take any other steps that may make.”- Aristotle.

    This philosophy of practical implementation of our knowledge is the main crux behind the crusade: ''. The idea is simple, to accumulate knowledge and share it, to get opinions, to get opinions to challenge the existing ones and to be an agent in provoking the learned minds to implement and test what good bad or ugly did the real people in real scenarios do.

    A case study is not a dormant entity, not a history that can be read and forgotten; it is about learning, about knowledge, about implementation and overall it's an experience of value addition.

    We, the Case Study Team are a group of minds, with a flare for entrepreneurship, have started our journey with case studies, and aspirations that our humble beginning takes us towards a destination from where we can look back and say that this ship of entrepreneurs has gone places and all this could be possible because we could add value to users.
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    Most of the "case studies" we see these days are financed by the marketing departments of vendor corporations. They show how marvellous their product is and how whichever corporation or what benefited from their product.

    Truly independent or "academic" ones are rare to find. A bit like hardware and software reviews, but on a much larger scale.

    Also of interest, from a scalability viewpoint, are pilot scheme results? Here someone has run something in a live, or production environment and decided to proceed or not?

    Finally, as we all use structured development methodologies these days (don't we?); how about looking at (suitably sanitized ) excerpts from the "Lessons Learned" sections of your project documentation?

    We do have those don't we?............. you will, if you want to progress beyond CMM level 3

    There is a lot of potential here IMO, as you are looking at business implementation and impact, rather than raw ICT considerations?

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    Thanks for give me Idea.

    I really work on independent or academic. and get back to you as well as Member's of this forums

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